Remote Data Acquisition and Mapping

A key attraction for SMEs wishing to use cloud technologies such as Salesforce is an increase in efficiency, particularly regarding the seamless transfer of data across different departments. A goal of any cloud system should be to minimise or eradicate any duplication of data entry. If a field-based team use a paper system of data input your company will suffer one of the following issues:

  1. Users will have to set aside wasted admin time regurgitating this data into your CRM tool at a later date.
  2. Your company will have two separate places where your data is stored – some in the cloud and some on bits of paper in files in drawers.
  3. Users have to scan paper documents into the system rendering the information accessible to others but not in a way that lets the data be reported on or manipulated by your CRM tool.

The key requirements of any cloud equipped mobile team are:

  • The ability to capture data directly into a cloud CRM using a mobile device.
  • The ability to capture photos, documents and other information and have it seamlessly connect with the relevant records in your cloud CRM tool.
  • The facility, if necessary, to use the system offline where there is no 3G connectivity.

Depending on the business, there may also be geographical mapping requirements for displaying and entering information onto a mobile device such as an iPad:

  • To display a map of potential and existing customers that can be visited in spare time (following a meeting cancellation, for example).
  • To attach photographic evidence to specific geographical locations allowing office staff to see exactly where a photo has been taken.
  • To use simple GIS tools to place points, lines and areas on an offline satellite image to map out required information geographically, and to attach photos to these features.
  • To display relevant geographical data to mobile users so that they can better understand the site they are working on – for example: altitude, landscape character, listed buildings and ecological sites.
Access satellite imagery and map data offline using an iPad

Access satellite imagery and map data offline using an iPad

The above requirements can all be met by existing cloud and mobile device technology using a variety of services that Darlston can seamlessly tie together. Darlston’s Field Sales option allows the Salesforce cloud app we have created for you to be translated onto a mobile device. Your processes, your workflows, your business – all on your mobile device. We can also implement mobile GIS tools which will allow for advanced geographical mapping and data acquisition, with all the data instantly available for further manipulation by office teams.