Scotty's Little Soldiers

Scotty's Little Soliders is a UK charity dedicated to supporting the children of men and women killed whilst serving in the British Armed Forces.

Darlston has created a bespoke system which is integral to every part of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, from our fundraising team to supporting our beneficiaries. Every project has been delivered in a timely and professional manner, with a clear understanding of how our charity works and what we need from our IT systems. The team have been so supportive we feel like they are an extension of our own team!

As a charity organisation it is essential that we get value for money in everything we do and Darlston has provided us with a world class interface yet ensured it has been delivered with upmost cost efficiency.

Stuart Robinson - CEO, Scotty's Little Soldiers

Fundraising | Event Management | Beneficiary Management | Marketing

Scotty’s Little Soldiers required a bespoke system to manage their growing charity which is dedicated to supporting the children of men and women killed whilst serving in the British Armed Forces. Scotty’s Little Soldiers (SLS) care deeply about the work they do, and so it is of great importance to them that they can be as effective as possible with the resources available. SLS needed a system to help them achieve more with less - managing fundraising, marketing, warehousing and the members they are supporting.

Here is a video which demonstrates the system Darlston built:

Darlston’s solution was to develop a turnkey solution which:

  • Allows members of the public to submit fundraising event applications online.
  • Tracks the approval and progress of each fundraising event.
  • Allows members of the public to register as volunteers – subsequently allowing the assignment of registered volunteers to events.
  • Allows merchandise and event assets (e.g. banners, collection boxes) to be assigned to events and tracked from warehouse to their return.
  • Allows money raised through fundraising events, merchandise sales, donations and online giving to be logged, tracked and reported on.
  • Allows shop transactions to be priced up whilst checking stock availability.
  • Has a database of supporters and donors that sync with an existing Mailchimp emailing account.
  • Has a members database to record all required information about each of the children SLS supports.
  • Has restricted access to the members database with access only granted to select staff.
  • Has the ability to send SMS messages in bulk to all members.
  • Has the ability to email members a survey allowing each child to identify their favourite music, games, aspirations, etc. These surveys are stored against the members and can inform any support SLS provides.
  • Has a suite of reports and dashboard charts that presents important company information to employees and trustees.

Crucially, Scotty’s Little Soldiers wanted a system that was intuitive, easy to use, and readily extensible. For example, when Scotty’s wanted the ability to map all of their members this was added to the system within days. When Scotty’s wanted the ability to provide an online portal for their members’ parents to login and book holidays without creating conflicts, we were able to quickly implement a solution that has transformed what had previously been a painful manual process.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers had previously run their business using a combination of spreadsheets and a limited CRM tool. Darlston’s solution uses Salesforce as a powerful and secure underlying platform for a completely bespoke system used by every employee at the charity. We love working with non-profits and have provided completely bespoke systems to multiple charities who all offer very different services. We understand the pressures the third sector faces and can implement solutions that will greatly help your charity do it’s amazing work.