We have worked extensively in rural communities, with projects including the deployment of offline iPad systems for recording information in the field and the GIS analysis of agricultural land use. We understand that agriculture spans many disciplines, including engineering, economics, chemistry, geography, botany and sales. Many of the most reliable technological developments being employed by companies today fall short in rural communities where internet connections cannot be relied on. Our ability to implement offline systems for recording data in the field has been an invaluable tool for UK companies working in rural areas.

Darlston’s systems are built using Salesforce’s platform. This platform is used by the largest organisations in the world who rely on its robust reliability and security. Salesforce has been in business for nearly two decades and has a worldwide network of support and expertise so you can be confident in a Darlston system’s longevity, security and extensibility.

Darlston’s systems are also easy to use and require very little training – we take great pride in making our applications as intuitive as possible. Being cloud-based, our systems do not require any expensive hardware or office space to maintain. All you need is an internet connected computer!

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