At Darlston, we love working with charities, and we have a great deal of appreciation for the pressures faced by non-profits in the UK. A charity’s primary concern is how best it can maximise the value it creates for its cause, be it supporting those most in need, delivering a programme of cultural initiatives, or protecting the welfare of animals. Darlston can build a unique system that will aid every aspect of a charity’s operations.

Day-to-day operations at a charity might include:

  • Fundraising through donations or public sponsored events
  • Fundraising through legacies
  • Fundraising through grant applications
  • Supporter database and communications
  • Beneficiary database and communications
  • Trustee communications
  • Managing online communities of supporters and/or beneficiaries
  • The generation of emails, documents and SMS text messages
  • Gift aid submissions
  • Booking systems
  • Generation of board reports
  • Customer service and support
  • General reporting and charting of data
  • HR

A Darlston system can provide all of the above functionality and, most importantly, it will be based on the best practice you have developed in your organisation – we do not implement off-the-shelf systems that are ignorant of the qualities that makes your charity unique. We have a wealth of experience as to which processes are most effective, but we defer to your experience and your processes.

Darlston’s systems are built using Salesforce’s platform. This platform is used by the largest charities in the world who rely on its robust reliability and security. Salesforce has been in business for nearly two decades and has a worldwide network of support and expertise so you can be confident in a Darlston system’s longevity, security and extensibility. Importantly, up to ten employees can use Salesforce for free. Salesforce has set the standard for commercial philanthropy and they are committed to investing in worthwhile causes through their Foundation.

Darlston’s systems are also easy to use and require very little training – we take great pride in making our applications as intuitive as possible. Being cloud-based, our systems do not require any expensive hardware or office space to maintain. All you need is an internet connected computer!

Please contact us to find out more about the work we do with charities. We currently discount the work we do for charities by 15%.

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