Darlston have experience developing systems for the construction industry and our approach to building systems for this sector has two focuses:

Desktop-based, internet-connected system for managing your business

We can implement a CRM and ERP system that will help to manage all the elements of the construction process. This includes:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Task management and internal communications
  • Supplier database
  • Stock and warehousing
  • Marketing and external communications
  • Automated communications at defined stages
  • Storing all required data for the passing of standards and compliance
  • The automated generation of documentation

iPad-based, offline system for site surveys, logging health and safety issues, non-compliances, etc.

We can customise an iPad application which allows the logging of data on-site and offline. All logged data is then synced back to the main CRM system when an internet connection is located. This system can be used to log:

  • Health and safety issues
  • Non compliances
  • Snagging lists
  • Site updates
  • Photos and drawings
  • Survey data and costings
  • Signatures of site-based teams for time-sheets or compliance

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