Darlston have built CRM and ERP systems for numerous companies in the energy industry – primarily in the renewables sector. Our systems and GIS analysis are responsible for the installation of the largest fleet of small-scale wind turbines in the UK.

Our systems in the energy industry have delivered the following features:

  • GIS analysis of the UK to aid in the identification of suitable sites based on wind, solar or agricultural data-sets.
  • Bespoke CRM system focusing on field-sales and site surveys. Sales opportunities are tracked from first contact through to a signed contracts with KPIs, targets, pipelines and sales instantly charted and reportable.
  • Offline iPad-based site surveying recording data, images and mapping without a 3G connection and with automatic syncing on return to a connected area.
  • Document generation including automated generation of calculated figures and tables stating ROI, etc.
  • Asset management with service history and fault recording.
  • Task management across departments.
  • Bespoke applications to manage the process of submitting applications to planning departments.
  • Generation of board-level documentation detailing business performance.

Being based in the cloud, our systems can work across multiple remote sites, with no specialist hardware required to keep everything in sync – all that is required is an internet connection.

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