Our work is tailored to the processes you employ in your business. We have no "off-the-shelf" applications developed for a particular industry - why should you use software developed for someone else's business? Our experience shows that software should be based on the best-practices developed by you, our client. Having said that, we have worked in many industries and can draw from our extensive experience of best-practice in a number of sectors.


We have worked extensively in rural communities, with projects including the deployment of offline iPad systems for recording information in the field and the GIS analysis of agricultural land use. We understand that agriculture spans many disciplines, including engineering, economics, chemistry, geography, botany and sales.

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At Darlston, we love working with charities, and we have a great deal of appreciation for the pressures faced by non-profits in the UK. A charity's primary concern is how best it can maximise the value it creates for its cause, be it supporting those most in need, delivering a programme of cultural initiatives, or protecting the welfare of animals. Darlston can build a unique system that will aid every aspect of a charity's operations.

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Darlston have experience developing systems for the construction industry. We can implement a CRM and ERP system that will help to manage all the elements of the construction process and we can customise an iPad application which allows the logging of data on-site and offline.

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Darlston have built CRM and ERP systems for numerous companies in the energy industry - primarily in the renewables sector. Our systems and GIS analysis are responsible for the installation of the largest fleet of small-scale wind turbines in the UK.

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Darlston has experience with implementing systems for the leisure industry, and we work closely with some of the most popular visitor attractions in the UK. Being based in the cloud, our systems can work across multiple remote sites, with no specialist hardware required to keep everything in sync - all that is required is an internet connection.

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