We offer our clients a range of related services that use the application of technology to increase business performance, efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Approach

1 - Discovery and Proposal

We believe in getting our systems right first time. We spend a day or two with you discussing in detail the processes and goals of your business. Everything you want to incorporate into the system is mapped and built into a detailed specification document which we use to let you know how long it will take us to build and what it will cost.

2 - Let's Build!

With the specification signed off and a deadline agreed - we build the system. We test our systems extensively and can release the system to members of your team who can trial the system before it's released. We brand our systems with your artwork and and make it as friendly and easy to use as possible.

3 - Go Live and Training

We train you and your employees both on-site and with video and/or written training documentation. Training is also incorporated within the system so that it's always just a click away. We pride ourselves on making our systems as intuitive as possible and it's often self-evident how to complete a particular task.

4 - Evolution

We offer ongoing support and customisation for all of our systems. Being so bespoke to your business, when your business changes, your system needs to change too. Our customers are often surprised when, after calling us to introduce a new aspect of their operation, the system reflects the new or updated process just hours later.

Bespoke Cloud Software CRM and ERP

We build cloud-based applications for managing entire businesses. A Darlston customer logs into their own bespoke system and sees everything they want to know about their organisation across sales, customer service, human resources, field-service, marketing, health and safety, and finance. We take all of your businesses processes, spreadsheets, whiteboards, documentation, communications and put them in a secure, reliable and robust application that runs on Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform. This platform is relied upon by the world’s largest organisations and offers endless opportunities for increasing revenue, reducing overhead, enhancing customer loyalty and getting all of your employees on the same page.

Enterprise-Grade Salesforce Platform Development

Salesforce is our platform of choice when building our CRM and ERP applications, and for good reason. It’s secure, robust, reliable, has been around for nearly two decades, and is relied upon by some of the world’s largest organisations. We have used this platform for the last 7 years and have built applications for a broad and diverse range of organisations both for-profits and charities.

If you have an existing Salesforce system there is a lot we can do to make it better. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Customisation to better reflect your business’ processes in the system, be it sales, human resources, customer service, manufacture, warehousing, servicing, etc.
  • User interface improvements to make the system more intuitive and more responsive.
  • Integration with other applications such as Sage, EPOSs, a website, a customer portal, etc.
  • Automation of data input so that users have to input less information manually.
  • Automation of communications so that employees, customers and partners receive notifications at defined points in the process.
  • Offline data acquisition when working in the field without 3G using an iPad or iPhone.
  • The construction of intelligent reports and dashboards that interrogate business performance.

Process Design, Automation and Management

In addition to building CRM and ERP systems for our customers, we also bring with us extensive experience of best-practice business processes in many areas. Prior to building cloud-based software, members of the team at Darlston have been responsible for profit and loss at companies ranging from large multi-national organisations to high-tech startups. We have a great understanding of the stresses faced by business owners and work with our clients to develop processes that increase revenue and reduce overhead. Our experience in change-management and system building allows us to successfully marry best-practice business processes with a system that will measure and report on the success of those processes.

GIS and Lead Acquisition Services

We believe that intelligently sourced data can transform business effectiveness. We specialise in using geographical information systems (GIS),  a scientific yet enterprising approach and immense data-sets to generate reliable and relevant leads and business information. Our intelligent approach to data allows us to provide you with information that minimises wastage and also allows you to define and prioritise your business’ opportunity. The application of the data we provide ranges from its use by sales teams for the acquisition of leads, to the use by a company’s directorship to make decisions on the most optimal expansion rates and locations. Whilst you do not need a Darlston CRM or ERP system to take advantage of this service, the two go hand-in-hand: intelligently sourced data presented in a way that best evokes its utility.


Question Darlston's Solution
What happens when our business evolves?

If all of our systems are built to a spec representing our business as-is or as-desired, what happens when our business changes or our processes evolve? For a growing company a bespoke system that does not evolve with us can be antiquated and no longer fit-for-purpose within 12 months.

We provide an ongoing evolution of all our systems so that as your business evolves, our systems do to. We’re in a constant partnership with our customers who love the speed and flexibility of our approach.

Will we need expensive hardware?

New systems often means expensive hardware, more space, more maintenance time, more insurance, more stress, etc. Will this be the same with a Darlston system?

Our systems are cloud-based. You can use all your existing IT. All you need to access our systems is an internet connection and either a computer with a browser or a smartphone/tablet.

I have lots of CRM tools available to me - but none of them fit my business’ processes

Contacts, accounts, deals… Maybe service tickets… What about our:

  • Web enquiries
  • Assets
  • Stock levels
  • Warehouse availability
  • Unique sales flow and process
  • Subscriptions
  • Partners
  • Field sales visits
  • Components
  • Price lists
  • Employees
  • Sites
  • Machinery services
  • Standards compliance
  • Marketing events
  • Insert any conceivable business process

We build our systems bespoke to your business. It does everything you want it to do.

Will a Darlston system tell me the status of our business right NOW?

Following a few meetings and the cross-referencing of a whiteboard in the salesroom with a two-day-old spreadsheet we may have an understanding of how business is going at this point in the month. But that may have taken two hours? One hour? 30 minutes? 5 minutes? Maybe you just wait until after the end-of-month number crunching.

Our systems will tell you how your business is doing at the click of a button. Instant, realtime feedback across multiple employees, departments, offices, countries!

No More Spreadsheets!

Today, you may have tens or even hundreds of spreadsheets littered across many folders. Some of these files may be in folders on your computer or those of your employees. Some might be on a network computer and some might be in your company’s Dropbox account or even the personal Dropbox accounts of your employees. Often these files are named “Contacts List – version 2” or “Service Contracts – MASTER” or “Deals List – Sarah’s Copy”.

We take all your spreadsheets, all your processes, and we turn them into an app for everyone in your business.